Is it right for you?

I see you! Juggling ALL the balls, trying to get your business off the ground, while snowed under with family commitments and constant interruptions. The irony is, you want your business to succeed to provide for the same family that is driving you crazy! You don’t want to be in a “job”; you want flexibility, freedom, and a secure(ish) income!

You’re willing to put in the work, but keep seeing the shiny adverts for 6 and 7 figure “overnight success” coaches – and you know it’s not where you start. You’re SICK of downloading every free guide, webinar, promise…


I’ve been there!

And it’s bloody demoralising! So, I fixed it for you – because YOU are my dream client. The kind of woman I adore helping to grow, the kind I work the best with – and the kind of woman I want to help to find your own dream clients too!

Filter Free Business Club is an online library of bitesize video modules and downloads, coupled with real life support AND access to my full library of £9.99 mini-courses (including all future ones). It’s designed for you if:

You are a new or newish business owner wanting to create a realistic income

You’re sick of chucking money and/or time at resources that don’t deliver

You want a variety of topics that meet you where you’re at right now

You’re sick of feeling guilty about the juggle struggle

You’re looking for ACTUAL support and clear “how tos” – not just MORE printables (though I love a printable!)

You just want bloody approachable, down to earth information

You want to be able to ask a question and get an answer

You want to meet women like you

You want a kind of business coach, on tap

What Can You Expect?

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Roxy. I’m a straight-talking, multiple business owner who is SICK of the bullshit!

As a female business owner, I know how much of the stuff you see online about building a business leads to overwhelm, not feeling good enough and the fear you have to “hustle”.

I’ve built successful businesses around my family life and other commitments and hobbies – and I want to help you do the same. You’ll see no propaganda about reaching 7 Figures (though we’re working towards it) or new Range Rovers or having a massive team – just me in real life, doing the school runs and living happily and more than comfortably. With my sister Jade supporting me/yelling at me/SOMETIMES making the tea!

What’s Inside?

It’s super simple. I have online modules that you can access 24/7 covering HEAPS of topics including:

Design & Tech (ACTUALLY showing you how it works)
Marketing & PR
Organisation & Planning
Pricing & Selling
Skills (personal skills as well as professional)
Social Media & Websites

You get access to my mini £9.99 courses including all future ones while you’re a member.

There’s also a monthly business clinic where you can ask anything and get real, practical help (I’ll log in and show you anything you need!)

My monthly IN-PERSON networking and training events are free for members (usually £15pm)

Discounts of at least £50 on any other in-person events i.e. strategy days, future retreats (not including March 2023) and training days

On top of that, you’ll still be able to use the free INVALUABLE Facebook group, full of other businesswomen like you. You can ask questions in there at any time – and get feedback, answers and demos, as well as cheerleading and butt-kicks!

AND, although it’s a membership, you can cancel it in your account at any time – you don’t have to email me to leave, and I never lock you in.

It’s well worth a £20 punt – even if you’re as sceptical of memberships as I used to be!!

Any Questions?

Once you get to know me, you’ll know that my ABSOLUTE PURPOSE is helping women grow. I’m all in, and so, so passionate about getting in the trenches with you!!

So, if you have any questions before you dive in – just drop me a line at or use the form below.