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What is Filter Free Business Club?

Filter Free Business Club is an online membership designed to support busy business women.

If you have your own business or are looking to start one, then our PRO membership has everything you need to learn the skills to not only build and grow, but also how to manage your mental health as you deal with the challenges of running your own business alongside all of the personal commitments we all have!

We have an amazing selection of courses, in-person events that you can get discounted or free, online events and an incredible community of like-minded women who all support each other as our businesses grow.

For £20/month you can sign up and get access to all of this and more today!

Who is Business Club for?

I see you! Juggling ALL the balls, trying to get your business off the ground, while snowed under with family commitments and constant interruptions. The irony is, you want your business to succeed to provide for the same family that is driving you crazy! You don’t want to be in a “job”; you want flexibility, freedom, and a secure(ish) income!

You’re willing to put in the work, but keep seeing the shiny adverts for 6 and 7 figure “overnight success” coaches – and you know it’s not where you start. You’re SICK of downloading every free guide, webinar, promise…

I’ve been there!

And it’s bloody demoralising! So, I fixed it for you – because YOU are my dream client. The kind of woman I adore helping to grow, the kind I work the best with – and the kind of woman I want to help to find your own dream clients too!


My Business Club membership is perfect if you are

A new or newish business owner wanting to create a realistic income

Sick of chucking money and/or time at resources that don’t deliver

Someone who wants a variety of topics that meet you where you’re at right now

Sick of feeling guilty about the juggle struggle

Looking for ACTUAL support and clear “how tos” – not just MORE printables (though I love a printable!)

Someone who just wants bloody approachable, down to earth information

Wanting to be able to ask a question and get an answer

Someone who would to meet women like you

In need of a kind of business coach, on tap

What Do You Get?

Filter Free Business Club

Our free, basic membership


Free Business Bitesize Course

You can access our Business Bitesize Course ‘Finding Your Ideal Client’ absolutely FREE! Just sign up for the free membership below.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is full of like minded business women like you! It’s the perfect place to share successes, or ask for help and guidance!

Facebook Live Videos

I am live on Facebook every Monday! You can join us and let me know what you’re working on that week!

Downloadable Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie! Sign up to get access to a number of great top tips on how to set up your first business, and how to start growing it fast!

Course Screenshots - Customer Journey

Business Club

Our BEST membership


Everything in the Free Membership

Of course by joining our PRO membership, you won’t miss out on anything from the free membership. In fact you will get so much more!

Access to an Amazing Range of Business Courses

We have tonnes of courses included to help you grow your business. Follow these classes, work through the workbooks and share your successes in the exclusive community group! You get access to all of our current & future Bitesize Biz courses, split into bitesize lesson chunks. Perfect if you’re like me and ‘spare time’ is some distant memory from back when you were a teenager!

Private Community Chat & Message Board

All PRO members get access to our private message board and chat service, away from Facebook and other distractions. Need help with something? Recommendations? Or just support from other business women, our community is extremely supportive, helpful and welcoming to all.

Access to our Business Masterclasses

Amazingly I can’t be an expert at absolutely everything! So I have found some fantastic women who are experts in their fields to share their top tips in a selection of masterclasses, all included with Business Club PRO!

Facebook Live Archive

Missed a live Facebook video on a Monday? As a PRO member you can go back and watch any of our existing and new videos which are updated each week! Plus there’s a curated selection of our most popular topics.

Discounted or Free Access to our Events

I would love to meet you in person. I run regular events, strategy days and meet-ups! All of our Business Club PRO members get discounts or free access to my in-person events.

Online Book Club

We have a Book Club with recommendations and short reviews of some of the best books I recommend reading to help you grow your business and yourself!

Quarterly Online Planning Sessions

Every 3 months we hold an online mini-planning session to help you get structured and ahead for the next quarter.

Affiliate Links

If you’re a PRO member, you can even earn money by recommending us to others! You could cover the cost of your membership – and even earn some extra income by becoming our affiliate!

Discounts on Websites & Tech Support

If you’re looking to work with me on your website or any tech support in your business, Business Club PRO members have access to their own discounts!

On Tap Help - as Quickly as I Can!

If you post a question or are stuck on something in your business, post it in the community and I’ll help you as quickly as I can.

This might be making a little demo vid, explaining something clearly or signposting you to where you can find the answer. I promise – I’ll help you as quickly as possible!

What Courses are There?

I have online modules that you can access 24/7 covering HEAPS of topics – are we’re adding more every month! It currently includes:

Selling & Negotiation

Brilliant Branding
How to find clients
Mental health & personal development
Design & Tech (ACTUALLY showing you how it works)
Marketing & PR

Organisation & Planning
Skills (personal skills as well as professional)
Social Media & Websites
And more!

Course Screenshot (Desktop) - Find Your Ideal Client

Sneak Peek!

Want to see what it looks like in our Business Club Pro area? Let me give you a quick tour on my video below!

What our members say

Filter Free Business Club PRO and Roxy’s live and online training changed my life! I lacked confidence and was so unsure of myself running my own business but now it’s supporting me and my family. I can’t thank Roxy enough and highly recommend joining!


Astra Designs UK

The Business Club PRO community is unreal. I’ve never known such a supportive and lovely group of women! Whenever I ask for help or advice I get a bunch of people reaching out and I’ve made some amazing new friends through the group.


The Wellness & Balance Coach

I joined the PRO group and now recommend it to every one of my friends in business! It’s taught me so much and I have been using the skills every day in my business and life!



Having known how much impact Roxy made on my mindset and business, joining Business Club was an absolute no brainer!! There’s so much content, brilliantly sectioned into easy to find modules with plenty more being added regularly and an awesome community where the collective have answers for basically everything.


Floating on Air Designs

Why learn from me?

If you haven’t met me before, hi, I’m Roxy!

I’m a straight-talking, multiple business owner who is so SICK of the bullshit that’s peddled out there!

As a female business owner, I know how lots of the stuff you see online about building a business leads to overwhelm, not feeling good enough and the fear you have to “hustle”.

I’ve built successful businesses around my family life and other commitments and hobbies – and I want to help you do the same. You’ll see no propaganda about reaching 7 figures or new Range Rovers or having a massive team – just me in real life, doing the school runs and living happily and perfectly comfortably. With my sister Jade supporting me/yelling at me/SOMETIMES making the tea, and now my husband Tom begging me to put graphics into folders so he can actually find them and leaving me loooooong lists of “things I need to check”!

This is where Filter Free Business Club was created! It reflects my own feelings and excitement for coaching women BUT KNOW…. this is not some fluffy, filtered version of business coaching. It’s gritty, hands-on and passionate!

Can’t wait to join?

I can’t wait for you to join us! Feel free to sign up for our free membership to get a taste of what it’s like, or if you like what you see then we’d love to have you in the PRO group, where you get access to the full range of courses straight away!

AND, although it’s a membership, you can cancel it in your account at any time – you don’t have to email me to leave, and I never lock you in.

It’s well worth a £20 punt – even if you’re as sceptical of memberships as I used to be!!

Any Questions?

Once you get to know me, you’ll know that my ABSOLUTE PURPOSE is helping women grow. I’m all in, and so, so passionate about getting in the trenches with you!!

So, if you have any questions before you dive in – just drop me a line at roxy@filterfreeonline.com or use the form below.