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The mini-courses below are packed full of tips, tricks and knowledge.

There’s no fluff making them longer and more “value for money”. They’re bite-size, easy to implement and designed to get you moving – and once purchased, they’re yours to keep! You’ll get access to an online dashboard with all your courses and downloads available in one place.

This video business course and download covers:


  • Why Bother? My Product is for Everyone!
  • Commonalities and Raving Fans
  • Spray and Pray Marketing
  • Why No One Wants what you Sell – REALLY!!
  • Solve their Problems
  • Finding & Attracting Them
  • Segmenting your Ideal Clients

Buy and Keep!

This “how to” video business course covers:


  • The FREE Canva version
  • Adding your brand colours
  • Creating social media posts
  • Naming and Organising Canva
  • Downloading your work
  • Making videos

Buy and Keep!