Finding Your Ideal Customer

Written by Roxy Rhodes

Published on 11 Apr, 2022

One of the cornerstones of any business is knowing who your Ideal Customer or Ideal Client is.

First thing’s first though – and it’s so, so important! You aren’t a business without customers…… I work with lots of women who started a hobby business that they want to grow into their main income and we crash against this belief over and over. You need customers in order to buy your products or services. Without purchasers, you make no money, and often even lose money – and you are therefore definitely not a business (even if you’re LOVING what you’re doing!).

Almost all new business owners make the huge mistake of avoiding this stage in their eagerness to be up and running as soon as possible. Without stopping to think about who it is that your product or service will be aimed at, what they are looking for, what problems they have and what solutions they need.

Identifying your Ideal Customer narrows the scope of your marketing efforts and enables you to use your marketing time (and sometimes money) much more efficiently.


So what is an Ideal Customer?

 An Ideal Customer is someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in the services or products that you provide.

Your Ideal Customer will be loyal to you and your company, will frequently use or buy your products or services, and is likely to recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.


What are the Qualities of an Ideal Customer?

  • They happily pay for what you offer.
  • Always appreciate what you do for them.
  • Easy to communicate with.
  • They keep coming back.
  • Will recommend you to others.


Who is the Ideal Customer for You?

 In my mini-course we discuss this in detail as I have a different approach to the stereotypical Ideal Client avatar where we define a single person based on age, gender, location, profession, blah blah blah, as I don’t believe this is the most effective way to narrow your Ideal Customers down!

It’s also important to be clear that we’re talking about your Ideal Customer in terms of marketing to them. Although you could have several different Ideal Customers it’s important that you market to them one at a time.

The easiest place to start is by working out who you don’t want to work with – this then immediately excludes them from your marketing.

Then think about the “must-haves”, for example, if you are a dog walker your Ideal Client obviously must have a dog! Or for a mortgage advisor, your Ideal Client will be buying or already own a house.

Next, the “looked for” attributes. So maybe there is a specific age range for your product or service. A lovely lady I know writes memoirs so her Ideal Client is most probably of an older age range, for example.



There is so much more to this and I cover more in my course, but here are just a few things to think about;

  • What do they need help with?
  • What are they worried about?
  • Who do they trust?
  • What does your product mean to them?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What specific needs do they have?
  • Which websites or blogs do they frequent?
  • Are they active users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media channels?

A good way to create your Ideal Customer Profile is through simple surveys

  • What are they searching for on the Internet?
  • What problems or needs do they have?
  • Peak times for browsing the internet?

Encourage your Ideal Client to tell you what they are searching for online, what answers they need, what topics they are interested in related to your industry, and what information they are looking for regarding your products or services.


Now how do you find your Ideal Customer?

  • Get visible.
  • Be where they are (not just where you want to be).
  • Be at relevant events.

Find out where they are hanging out. This is commonly Facebook so take a look and join relevant groups. Pinterest and Insta are fab for visual products. Seek out local events that are relevant to your business.

The perfect outcome is that your Ideal Customer will self-select!

How much more powerful is an advert that makes you nod your head and feel like it’s directly talking to you?

No chasing, no pushing! Your client reads your advert or watches your live video and purchases immediately because it’s exactly what they need at that time. I’m sure you’ve all done this yourselves! I know I have.


For more hints, tips and business advice and videos – with live Monday trainings – head over to my Business Group at Filter Free Business and head here for my Ideal Customer mini-course for just £9.99!

Rox 🧡


Roxy xx

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