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Sick of wading through all the filtered business bollocks?!

Downloaded ALL the freebies and still haven’t implemented the strategies?

Spent HOURS faffing around instead of DOING THE WORK?

Procrastinating by messing about with your socials/website/branding instead of actually RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS??

Think your mental health and work-life balance is skewed? Family complaining that you don’t see them, while friends think you have an easy freedom-filled life?!

That’s exactly why Filter Free Business was born – to give you REAL, useful, easy to understand business support!!

As a busy business woman, I know you’re spinning a lot of plates. There’s the feeling that you can’t rest – even if you wanted to. So many people depend on you and you don’t want to let anyone down or create more work for anyone else. Also…. are you a bit of a perfectionist by any chance?

I see you. I was you!! Trying to do it all, without really understanding what the plan was. I always felt busy, but things weren’t moving!! I’d spend HOURS Googling things, instead of asking someone!!

Roxy Rhodes from Filter Free Business wearing flying by the seat of my pants hoodie

Hey! I’m Roxy.

I’m an entrepreneur and fully qualified mental health therapist with professional qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, coaching, nutritional therapy and stress management (and a whole heap more). Quite a mouthful right! I also feel I can claim life skills in juggling and balance and of course business support! I’ve owned and run several successful businesses along my journey!

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Interestingly, along the journey of building my private mental health practice 7 years ago, I began to help other women to build their businesses, and then their websites, utilising skills I’d learned and trained in along the way. I co-created a women’s membership society for 3 years, where we ran the hugest wellbeing and lifestyle show in the North of England in 2020.

In January 2022 I set back out alone to create something that I started 5 years ago – Filter Free Business; a female business academy full of the actual HOW’S.

How to build your business, how to grow your business, how to do all the tech bits that you don’t understand, how to sort out your email lists, your social media, your website, your freebies and opt-ins, your time management, your strategy, your planning.

Filter Free Business Email Marketing and Lead Magnets
Filter Free Business - Social Media Strategy and Scheduling
Filter Free Business - Ideal Client Branding and Mapping
Filter Free Business - Sales, Pricing and Marketing

Want to know how?!

There are a few ways to work with me!

Firstly make sure you’re in my FREE Filter Free Business Facebook Group for real, hands-on business support. I hang out there a lot! In addition, we have live trainings on Mondays – and you can suggest the topics!

After that, check out my trainings. I’m creating a selection of mini-courses that you can buy and keep forever! These are short video trainings with a workbook that you can watch in your own time and ask me any questions in the Facebook Group – or by email! My first (and MOST IMPORTANT) training – and where I definitely recommend that you start is with your Ideal Client or Customer!

Finally, you can choose to work with me one to one. The fact that I’m a psychotherapist and mental health therapist means that I’m perfectly positioned to help you get out of your own way, beat imposter syndrome AND get great business advice. I like to get in the trenches with you, learn about your business and help you really dig in and grow!

So, choose whichever way works best for you and your business right now – and I can’t wait to get to know you more!

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Rox 🧡