Filter Free Business Coach and Club
Filter Free Business Coach and Club

Sick of wading through the filtered business bollocks?

How about some practical, straight-talking, easy-to-understand business support?!

Spent HOURS faffing around instead of DOING THE WORK?

Downloaded ALL the freebies and still haven’t done the work?

Procrastinating by messing about with your socials/website/branding instead of actually RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS??

Perfectionism crippling you from steaming ahead? Or is comparisonitis stealing your joy?

Do you want to learn more about making your business a success without all the jargon, unnecessary padding and nonsense spouted by other self-proclaimed business coaches?

Business Club PRO is perfect for you!

Roxy Rhodes Business Coach for Women

Why work with me?

I know what I’m on about!

I’m Roxy, I’m a business coach in Chesterfield and I’ve been running businesses for almost 9 years. I have a small team and a knack for explaining things, exactly as they are! No fluff, no drama. I’m unbelievably comfortable in my skin and I really CARE! I know how much impact a smooth, organised, money-making business can have on your actual day-to-day life!! AND, as a psychotherapist, I understand you! 

Filter Free Business reflects my own feelings and excitement for working with women. I really do get the excessive mental load that women carry and the crazy juggling act that you’re often doing, that even the most wonderful of men like my husband definitely don’t have to deal with.

BUT KNOW…. this is not some fluffy, filtered version of business coaching. It’s gritty, hands-on and passionate!

I’ve featured in:

Roxy Rhodes from Filter Free Business Coach building websites at desk

A female business academy full of the actual “HOW”

How to build your business
How to grow your business
How to do all the tech bits that you don’t understand
How to sort out your email lists
Your social media
Your website
Your freebies and opt-ins
Your time management
Your strategy
Your planning…..

How to run your business, keep your sanity, have a life and MAKE MONEY!

Plus, if you’re near Chesterfield, I have lots of live events locally too!

Roxy Rhodes Business Coaching in Chesterfield

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Rox 🧡