Things New Business Owners Should Know

Things all new business owners should know with Filter Free Business
Written by Roxy Rhodes

Published on 24 Apr, 2023

Starting a new business is an exciting journey!

While it can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor, it also comes with soooooo many challenges that have to be addressed.

Here are some essential tips for new business owners.


  1. Research the market.
    Before launching your business, do your homework to understand the industry and determine if your concept has potential. Check out the competition and determine how your business can stand out from the others.
  2. Create a business plan.
    A business plan will help you develop your concept, outline goals, and create a roadmap for success. It will also make it easier to apply for loans and secure investors.
  3. Set realistic goals.
    It’s important to have ambitious goals, but make sure they are achievable. Break down your long-term goals into smaller, achievable goals that you can measure. I run a Strategy Day every 90 days – ish where I can help you plan out the next steps for your business. Get in touch for more info.
  4. Establish a budget.
    Create a budget for your business that outlines your expenses and projected revenue. This will help you stay on track financially and make sure you’re not overextending yourself.
  5. Protect yourself.
    Make sure you have the proper licenses and insurance to protect your business and yourself from liability.
  6. Leverage technology.
    Technology is essential for any business, so make sure you are using the right tools to help streamline processes, improve efficiency, and stay connected to customers. I can recommend some tech must-haves, just get in touch!
  7. Build a network.
    Surround yourself with experts and other business owners who can provide advice, support, and resources. Networking will help you stay informed and connected to potential customers. We have the most amazing bunch in the Filter Free Business Group on Facebook.


By following these tips, you can set yourself up for success as a new business owner. Good luck!


Roxy xx

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